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     Looking for a professional, high-paying job that doesn't require a degree?  Did you know stenographers write every word on a special, computerized keyboard, that along with software translates their written strokes immediately to English in a near-finished transcript that can be read on tablets, phones, big screens, and online simultaneously?

     They ensure not only that every word is accurately documented, but also who said it, and when they said it.  Microphones and computers making a digital recording sent to someone to type one letter at a time days later simply can’t compete with the stenographer's level of accuracy. That's why live stenographers still and will continue to exist.

     They're entrusted with recording history; writing the record in courts, the US Senate, the House of Representatives and captioning for deaf and hard of hearing in schools, for television, Broadway shows, concerts, and many other events. Stenographic court reporters around the country are eager to answer your questions and help you find online or in-person schools to learn this timeless skill.

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